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Flag of Chicago
Location of Chicago
Motto: Urbs In Horto (Latin: "City in a Garden")
Subdivision of: Ouisconsin, North American League
 Official: English, Brithenig
 Others: Batavian, Scandinavian, Scottish, Cherokee, etc.
Lord Mayor: Rahm Majmonas'a
Population: 2,694,518 Chicagoans
Established: 1837, Articles of Incorporation

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the NAL. It is administrated as an independent city within the Province of Ouisconsin, not part of any fithing. Chicago is the commercial and (for better or for worse) cultural center of modern Ouisconsin and, in large part, the entire Great Lakes region.


Originally a Potawatomi trading village, the city whose name in Miami means "stinking onions" grew at an alarming rate, attracting one of the most diverse sets of people America. In order to keep this growth from spilling into the rest of the province, Chicago was split off from Bodewadmi Fithing in 1853. A century ago, Chicago was especially notable for its Irish, German, Venedic, and Greek flavors. It remains a major destination for foreign immigrants, lately especially Castilian-speaking Floridians.

The city has had its share of violence and hardship. One of its most notorious crises was the Efeseyist Scare of 1921. Chicago was at the center of illegal whiskey smuggling during Prohibition and was the site of the St. Patrick's Day Massacre.


Both Pizza Queen and Chicago Press have their corporate HQs in the city. Both the Alliance for Public Decency and Metropolitan Moving Pictures keep offices there. Dandy Magazine was founded there.

Che Stadium is located in Chicago (NoMoreEagleZ performed there).

Has been the site for meeting of the American Leadership Conference.

Was the site of the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

Many Jass clubs flourished in Chicago.

The Metropolitan of Chicago is the primate of the American Orthodox Church.

The Arnaud family, one of the Four Families of the infamous Pègre, is based in Chicago. Its head Jean Villon has led the family into a range of legitimate business fronts.


Chicago is home to the Pups, the team associated with the Chicago Cricket Club. It is also home to a basketball team, the Boars, and a hibercrosse team, the Wolves. The bizarrely complex game called squamish was invented in Chicago by Venedic immigrants.

In 1908 the World Games were held in Chicago.

Hosted the North American Battlegame Championship in 1991 and 2006.


Chicago is a major hub for NAL railways, connecting the eastern and southern areas with those to the east. Much of the rail traffic from Louisianne that heads eastward is routed up to Chicago before heading to all points east. There is a direct TGV connection from Saint-Louis to Chicago.

The Chicago-O'Heair International Aerodrome services such diverse air carriers as Lufthansa and Aviarca. Many international airlines have a hub in Chicago as well, with the O'Heair Aerodrome being the largest in the NAL-SLC because of this fact. O'Heair is famous for its large numbers of large hangars that are called the "Rolling Hills of Chicago."

The city itself is served by an extensive public transportation network consisting of Chicago Surface Lines, running busses, streetcars (Chicago boasts the largest streetcar network in the NAL), and trolleybusses throughout the metro area, Chicago Rapid Transit, which runs the city's famous elevated train system, and several railway companies providing commuter trains.

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