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St. Francis [1] (Rockford *here*) was a tiny mission settlement on a strategic ford of the Rock River when it was chosen as the province's capital in the early 1830s. It was located almost at the geographic center of the province and almost on the border between Sauk-Fox and Potawatomi territory. Today it is not the gritty industrial town of *here*; rather, it is home to all the bureaucratic and cultural elements that go along with modern provincial government. Its Cathedral of St. Francis is the seat of the Cambrian Rite Abbott-Archbishop for the Province of Ouisconsin.

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[1] The name St. Francis is QSS, but it is uncertain which St. Francis it refers to. Francis of Assisi might have some ecological appeal to Native Americans, but as an Italian, might be an odd choice for Cambrian Rite Christians. He might be a local missionary or convert.