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Chicago's "little brother," Milwaukee was also former Potawatomi territory, also changed by large numbers of Germans and Veneds. It was split off from Bodewadmi Fithing in 1862, somewhat later than Chicago, and more so than its larger neighbor, still has a distinctive Potawatomi character, with strong traces of German. A century ago, Milwaukee revolutionized American beermaking.

As a large metropolis not far from an even larger one, Milwaukee's relationship with Chicago has been complex and has shifted over the years. Traditionally Milwaukee has been a political, economic, and cultural counterweight to its southern neighbor. Many provincial elections have featured a slate of Milwaukee candidates running against a slate of Chicagoans. At other times, however, Chicago party bosses, business magnates, and cultural institutions have overshadowed and dominated Milwaukee life. Currently, Milwaukee is experiencing something of a renaissance, especially in the arts. Its citizens are rediscovering pride in their city and are newly defining what makes Milwaukee unique. Following the 2009 legislative election, both major provincial offices are occupied by Milwaukeeans. Brion Martens, a Whig, has been Lord Governor since 2005, while Tomos Bernardd, a Covenant Loyalist, became Speaker of the Council following the CL victory in the election.

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