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The Sauk-Fox fithing is home to perhaps the most vibrant Native culture in modern Ouisconsin. It is administered from Saukenuk (*here*'s Rock Island), capital of the old Othaaki-Meskwaki confederacy. The Saukenuk Mining and Freight Company is a major landowner and economic force in the fithing. It was established in the 1830s by Sauk-Fox leaders to maintain their control on the valuable lead mines north of the city. When the mines became unprofitable, the company expanded into shipping. It owns a sizeable fleet of trucks, freight trains, and airships.

Wa-Tho-Huk Thorpe was an important local hero from one of Othaaki's northern villages. After becoming famous as a rugby player, he went on to dominate the track-and-field events at the 1912 World Games in Stockholm, receiving a special award from Archking Christian X of the Scandinavian Realm for his extraordinary performance in so many events. He played various other sports professionally through clubs in Saukenuk and Chicago. Any patriotic Ouisconsian knows that Thorpe was the greatest athlete in the history of humanity. He was also known for his distinctive and prominent humility in regards to the various awards bestowed on him, and is thus considered an exemplary American example of the ideology of Less Is More.

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