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Administered from Assiminehkon (*here*'s Paw Paw, Illinois), the area is a mix of Potawatomi, English, Scots, and Brithenig speakers.

Like the rest of Ouisconsin, the region was part of the Iliniwek confederacy in the 17th century. The confederacy's power went into a sharp decline in the 18th century, one decisive defeat being the Battle of Fort Starving Rock. The Bodewadmi people moved in as the Iliniwek left, creating a nation called the Prairie Potawatomi. Much Prairie Potawatomi territory was lost to Illinoise during the border disputes leading up to provincehood.

Northern Bodewadmi is located between the metropolises of Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Francis. While in ecologically minded and train-riding Ill Bethisad, suburban sprawl is nowhere near as heinous as *here*, the region is nonetheless changing rapidly as people move there. Journalists and advertisers have dubbed the region "Chiwausis," and it is home to ever-increasing numbers of professional suburbanites. Overcrowding and the loss of green space, much of it sacred or nearly so to the original inhabitants, is becoming a major issue.

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