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Jean Villon (born 1960) is, according to the CBI, the head (or "Duc" or "Navigateur") of the Arnaud Famille in the Pègre criminal organization in the North American League. His mother was the mistress of Jean-Luc Arnaud, younger brother of the previous Arnaud Duc, and he was groomed his entire life for leadership in the Pègre. He lives in Chicago with his wife, who is also a third cousin.

Villon was chosen by his uncle to replace him in the mid-1990s, having proven himself both as a Soldat and as a legitimate businessman. By all accounts Villon is intellectually brilliant and personally ruthless even for a leader in the Pègre. According to rumor, a rival once kidnapped his mistress and infant son. Villon allowed them both to be murdered, then had every living relative of his rival murdered. He is also rumored to have been responsible for the violent death of his own brother. He maintains a low profile, while controlling a large number of completely legal businesses and owning stock in many, many more. He has continued to surround himself with talented people regardless of ethnic background, as did his predecessor (who has now retired and lives in New Francy).

According to the CBI, Villon is a perennial member of the Tribunal, a kind of oversight committee for the Pègre in general.