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Kristian Jensen is member number 27 of Lla Societad dill Bethisad. The keeper of the Scandinavian Realm, Filipinas, the Holy Roman Empire, and Southeast Asia. Born and raised in Manila, Filipinas, but currently residing in the Kjøbenhavn, Denmark. Member of the Kruisjiske Spraakconciel, and the Riksmål Sprognævn. Interested in matters colonial, historical, and scientific.

Anti-Spam League Rosette.

Member of the Anti-Spam League, Viking of the Northern Reach, Raja of Australesian Link Freedom, Pillager of Spam, Conquistador of Intruders and Longshipsman of Reversion.


Fix all names of places in India and Southeast Asia to conform to the Xrirampur Romanization System.

Work on the Southeast Asia page.