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Kingdom of Madagascar
Conventional short name:
Local: Madagascar
English: Madagascar
Flag of Madagascar
National motto: THE MOTTO!
Language: Mandarin
 Capital: Antananarivo
 Other: ?
Queen: Queen Ranavalona IV
Area: 587,041 km²
Population: 18,606,000 people
Independence: from Chinese East Africa
 Date: 1947
Currency: 1 Tael = 20 ariarys = 240 Penis (Commonwealth Standard)
Organizations: Commonwealth of Nations, League of Nations

The Kingdom of Madagascar is an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa, the people of which are an admixture of SE Asians, Austronesians, Chinese, Europeans and Africans. Most Madagascrians are Buddhist; the official language is Mandarin, though the traditional language brought from SE Asia nearly 2000 years ago is at the heart of a vibrant cultural fusion. The current manjacka or monarch is Queen Ranavalona IV. In the aftermath of the 1947 Oriental War, Madagascar came under the Commonwealth's sphere of influence. After the recent wars in China, Madagascar sought admission to the Commonwealth. The tayel is their unit of currency, and is equivalent to the pound; the ariary is equivalent to the shilling and the peni is equivalent to the penny.

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