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Conventional short name:
Local: Gibraltar
English: Gibraltar
Flag of Gibraltar
Language: English
Currency: Commonwealth 1 £=12s=240d
Organizations: Commonwealth of Nations

This 'island' of English influence has long been held by the English Kingdom as a gateway to the Mediterranean. It was wrested from Castile in 1704 during a long and protracted civil war in which England backed the opposition; once they had their British fists on it they decided they didn't want to let go again.

Long desired by Castile, who laid siege to it first in 1727 and again 1779-1783, Castile continues to agitate for its return. England and the FK do not seem likely to give it up. Gibraltarians have, since the Second Great War, desired full autonomy; but given the likelihood that Castile will simply invade, neither the locals nor the FK are willing to take the plunge. Local referenda extended to the populace on returning to Castile have always gone down in resounding defeat.

For now, it is likely that Gibraltar will remain an English Crown Colony but with considerable internal autonomy. It, along with Malta, hosts vital Royal Navy and Royal Air Force bases. The taxi tour to the top of the Rock is not to be missed. Watch out for the Barbary apes, though - they are friendly, but like to steal things from unsuspecting tourists and will eat any food you have in hand! Don't miss the catchments and the tour of the caverns either!


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