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Kingdom of Tahiti (formerly Polynesi Gemruis / Cambrian Polynesia) is composed of the Society and Austral Islands. These territories were formerly dependencies of New South Cambria in Australasia, and were granted independence within the Commonwealth of Nations on 1 January 2006.

Elen Marau Pomare VI was crowned Queen of Tahiti on 1 March 2006.

The Society Islands are noted for their stone marae or sacred places, many of which have been restored to their ancient function as royal places of sport. The Austral Islands are noted most for the high technique of the islands' weavers. Both island groups are world renowned as tourist destinations, famed as much for their tranquility and friendliness as for their beaches and beautiful waters.

The Kemrese Polynesians are about 98% Cambrian Rite Catholic.

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