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The Tortuga Islands were bought from the Cambrian crown by wealthy businessman Martin C. Harman, also owner of Lundy off the Cambrian coast. Tortuga is an uninhabited island, now owned by Andrew Morris (Master of Lundy) and like Lundy is a national park. The curious constitutional arrangement between Lundy and the Kemrese province of Dunein? (which itself has a curious arrangement with Kemr proper) means that Tortuga is the only veritable Dumnonian colony in the world, apart from Britanny. It is largely an independent colony nation, personally owned by the Lord Proprietor of a semi-independent bailiwick that depends on the person of the king of a country that has been in constitutional union with another country for centuries. Suffice to say that even the eyes of experienced lawyers glaze over when dealing with Cambrian constitutional law. Cruises visit from Margarita and Batavian Antilles regularly.

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