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The Dominion of Southwest Africa was a Batavian colony (New Holland) until seized by English forces during the Boer War. Reforms in the governance of southern African territories in the 1980s led to a formal separation from the Union of South Africa. The lands once held by Batavian colonists is currently divided between Commonwealth and Dalmatian governance.


Proposal about Lüderitz Lüderitz had originally been an Austrian outpost, later expanded into a naval base during the time of Danubian administration of the former Austrian colonies. After the communist victory in the Danubian civil war, the CSDS maintained the base for its navy; later, upon Dalmatian independence, it was transferred to the Dominion of Southwest Africa.

Here follows extractions from an email exchange on this subject:

Lüderitz had been a separate enclave owned and operated by the CSDS, viewed as part of Kongo, like the other CSDS bases there, notable Luanda. When the CSDS fell and Kongo recognised Dalmatian sovereignty over the ex-CSDS bases on its territory (as Dalmatia was the inheritor of the CSDS navy apart from the Black Sea Fleet), Dalmatia didn't have that much interest in the Lüderitz base because of all the extra administrative work that would have to be done with it. Lüderitz had been only de jure a possession of the independent Kongolese state - all administration was handled by the CSDS, so Kongo didn't have too much interest in having such an isolated place to manage either, so they readily agreed to a new Dalmatian proposal: the creation of a Freeport at Lüderitz, to be managed by the FK/SW Africa as a tax-free, customs-free enclave. Kongolese, Dalmatian, FK and SW Africans could take advantage of the taxless status of the place (dunno about other foreigners, that's up to the FK), with the Dalmatian Navy and the Kongolese Navy enjoying the right of docking at any time, not subject to search by FK authorities. In practice though, the Dalmatian Navy is quite satisfied with the Luanda base, and visits Lüderitz only once a year, when a frigate or corvette from the Oceanic Fleet (HQd and based at Luanda) drops by the enclave for a week-long friendly visit. During this visits, upon presentation of proper ID, SW Africans and other subjects of the FK can take a free guided tour of the visiting Dalmatian warship, and of course take advantage of the ship's mess, which during that time operates as a Dalmatian restaurant/pub, and the souvenir shop set up in the helicopter hangar, where typically Dalmatian things can be purchased (including the fine Dalmatian wines and plum brandies!). The Kongolese Navy does a similar thing, but restricted to a daystop of a small patrol boat, simply to show the Kongolese ensign in Lüderitz, twice a year.

> Not much difference from what would have already > been there! If the Dalmatian navy is no longer > interested, we'll just put up a "for rent" sign. > Perhaps the SR's navy would be interested in a > top notch naval station in southwestern Africa? >

Well...the Dalmatian Navy is interested in keeping the place insofar as not to allow anyone to look at the stuff they've put in there, and as a strategic reserve in case something should happen to the Luanda base.

>> with the Dalmatian Navy and the >> Kongolese Navy enjoying the right of docking at >> any time, not subject to >> search by FK authorities. > > That's because they'd have their own private > facilities. We're not in the business of fueling > and mucking out YOUR navy ships! Dalmatia/D-K > would have to maintain all the warehouse stocks > and support infrastructure. For a modest fee, > we're providing the waterfront, assorted > buildings and a deepwater port. As well as > various entertainments that sailors will > undoubtedly enjoy...

Of course, that's only natural. Who's to say that your equipment is compatible with ours?

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