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Ban̊gál (Ban̊ga)
Conventional short name:
Local: বঙ্গ - Ban̊ga (in Bán̊glá)
बंगाल - Ban̊gál (in Hin̷ðí)
English: Ban̊gál (Bengal)
State flag of Bangal

Ban̊gál (or Ban̊ga), is one of the most important countries of India. Unlike *here*, it was not a British colony. Instead, there are four European enclaves along the Hughli river; the English enclave of Calcutta (Kalkáþá), the French enclave of Chandernagor (Can̷ðran̷agar, or Zan̷ðiran̷ágúr), the Scandinavian enclave of Frederiksnagore (Xrírámpur), and the Batavian enclave of Tsjinzoerah (Cum͂curá). The largest one is Frederiksnagore.

The majority of the Western population follows Hinduism, while the majority of the East follows Buddhism.



North: Nepál, Bhutan, Sikkim.
West: Awadh, Bháraþíj Sámrázj.
South: Bay of Bengal.
Southeast: Arakan.
East: Burma.