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Flag of Arakan
Subdivision of: Batavian Kingdom
 Capital: Akyab
 Other: Maung-U
 Official: Dutch, Rakhine
 Others: Bamar and others
Head of state: Queen Béatrice d'Orange
Governor-general: ...
Prime minister: ...
Area: 36,762 km²
Population: 2,700,000 inhabitants
Established: 1660, as a Batavian Colony


In the 17th century, the Kingdom of Arakan allowed the Batavians to establish a small trade colony in Akyab. This enclave was a tributary state paying annual tributes to Arakan. In 1784, Arakan itself was conquered by the Burmese, and the Batavian enclave became a tributary of Burma instead. In the 1820s, Burma lost the war against Martaban (a Scandinavian enclave) and Sajám. It had to cede Lá²n̷n̷á Đaij and Tenasserim to Sajám and Monland to Martaban. When Tenasserim was awarded to Monland as a tributary state of Sajám, Burma responded by awarding Arakan to the Batavian enclave in Arakan itself. Today, Arakan is still a territory of the Batavian Kingdom paying annual tributes to Burma.


Arakan is limited by:
North: Ban̊gál
West: Indian Ocean
South & East: Burma

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