Batavian Guyana

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Batavian Guyana (Suriname)
Flag of Batavian Guyana
Subdivision of: Batavian Kingdom
 Official: Dutch
 Others: Acehnese, Arakanese, Brithenig, Cantonese, Castilian/ Ladino, Dutch creoles (Negerhollands, Papiamento, Saramaccan, Sranan Tongo), English, French, Hokkien, Ndyuka, Portuguese, Srnami Sinhala, Curinām Tamil, Yiddish
 Capital: Claeszoonstaad (name in progress because I don't speak Dutch; Paramaribo)
 Other: Torarica
King: Guillaume-Alexandre d'Orange
Prime Minister: Fred Hemcke
Govenor-general: João da Silva Ollongren
Population: 863,986 Guyanesen
Currency: 1 rijksdaalder=20 gulden=240 stuivers
Organizations: European Federation


Batavian Guyana (Suriname) is part of the Batavian Kingdom. Having been a colony for centuries, the relationship was restructured into one based on equality after the Second Great War. The colony of Batavian Guyana has been quiet for most of its history but during the occupation of the Batavian Antilles by Florida-Caribbea Batavian Guyana was overrun with refugees, and over time a terrorist group, the People's Army of the Free Antilles or Mensenleger van de Vrije Antillen developed and began staging counter-Floridian attacks, which culminated in a Floridian blockade of Batavian Guyana, although commerce was not so stringently affected as the Guineas of the Federated Kingdoms and French Guyana eagerly transported their goods.

Since the dissolution of Florida-Caribbea, the Mensenleger van de Vrije Antillen has transformed into a political party focused on the autonomous rights of the various islands in the basin.



  • Creoles (Afro-Surinamese): 20.88%=180,364
  • Sinhala: 14.5%=125,278
  • Acehnese: 13.7%=118,366
  • Multiracial: 9.7%=83,806
  • Maroons: 9.4%=81,214
  • Amerindian: 7.6%=65,664
  • Tamils: 7.4%=63,934
  • Arakanese: 6.1%=52,704
  • Jewish: 5.4%=46,656
  • Chinese: 2.8%=24,192
  • White 2.22%=19,218
  • Other .3%=2,590


  • Christianity (54.66%)=472,292
  • Buddhism (15.6%)=134,746
    • Theravada=122,602
    • Mahayana mixed with Taoism and Shenism=12,144
  • Islam (11.65%)=100,612
    • non-denominational=60,814
    • Sunnism=31,104
    • Shiism=8,694
  • Judaism (5.16%)=44,582
    • Actually practicing Judaism:
    • Hilonim:
  • No religion (4.7%)=40,606
  • Hinduism (4.33%)=37,452
    • Tamil Hinduism (whatever that means)=30,192
    • Reform Hinduism (Arya Samaj)=5,244
    • other forms of Hinduism=2,016
  • Other (2.1%)=18,144
    • Native American religion/animism=6,566
    • Jains=5,000
  • Winti (1.8%)=15,552