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The European Federation or EF is an organization made up of much of Western Europe.

In 1981, several Western European countries met in Brussels for the first time regarding the multiple currencies in use in Europe and how they were affecting trade and the economies of all European countries. This first Congress resolved to make silver the standard metal for use within European currencies. This cooperative effort led to the Unified Currency Convention in 1988; which was dedicated to forming a unified currency for Europe, along the lines of the old Latin Monetary Union, but including more countries. The Convention discussed a wide range of issues concerning banking systems, exchange rates and economic factors in individual countries.

By 1994, the principle countries had agreed upon the basic issues and in 1996 the European Federation currency plan was made effective. All the old national currencies were withdrawn and replaced with EF money at a predetermined exchange rate.

While the FK and the Scandinavian Realm were invited to send ministers to the Convention, the FK has not as of yet made plans to adopt the European pound as its currency, remaining within the Commonwealth currency union. The Scandinavian Union opted to continue with their own local Scandinavian Currency Union, with the rigsdaler as its chief unit. Xliponia continues using the xlipo, fixed at 0.85 FK pounds (17 shillings), "due to political reasons" (mainly a matter of tradition) and for an as-yet indefinite period.

The question of membership has come up in informal and formal parliamentary discussions in Dalmatia, but so far has met widespread opposition. Opinion polls amongst the populace put support of Dalmatia joining the EF at about 8%, while a non-binding "test vote" in parliament failed by a vote of 102:45. A decision such as entering the EF would, however, require a popular referendum, and nobody amongst the citizenry has yet tried to start a petition for it, nor has the government tried submitting it to the people.


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