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The xlipo (XL) is divided into 120 sulti (s, singular sult). It is the official currency of the Kingdom of Xliponia, emitted by Banc Hoimçal Xliponia (Royal Xliponian Bank).

1 xlipo is worth 1,564 SI grana of silver, the equivalent of 17 s or 0.85 £ (FK).

The 10-xlipo bill (front and back) is shown below.

XL10 a.jpg

XL10 b.jpg

All legally issued bills and coins are valid, e. g. those from the First Great War, such as this 60-sulti bill:

60Sulti a.png

60Sulti b.png

This 10-sulti coin was issued in the same year:

Coin-Oth VI.jpg