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Ladino is an Iberian Romance language closely related to Castilian, and the main official language of Mueva Sefarad in the North American League. Muevasefaradí Ladino differs from *here*'s Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) in its borrowed vocabulary - since the Sefaradim *there* moved to Mueva Sefarad instead of scattering across the Mediterranean, Ladino as spoken in MS contains a substantial number of early borrowings from Beothuk instead of French, Italian or Turkish.

Ladino is written in Hebrew characters, although an official Latin alphabet transliteration scheme exists for the benefit of other member provinces of the NAL.

A few examples of loanwords in Ladino from Beothuk:

ביאטיקו (beátiko) = Beothuk
מאמאטיק (mamatík) = home

A number of other loan words have slipped in since Mueva Sefarad joined the NAL-SLC. These words come mostly from the languages of the closer provinces - Scots, English, and Gaelic especially. Other borrowings have come from Laurentian, the French dialect spoken in Nouvelle Francie, and from the Mi'kmaq, Innu, and Inuit spoken in Mueva Sefarad's mainland territory and up La Kosta Norte in Nunavik/Labrador.

One of the best examples of these newer loanwords is the colloquial names of the NAL currency that the Muevasefaradíes share with their fellow provinces. Although they have perfectly fine official native Ladino names, the 'libra' 'sueldo' and 'denaryo' are more commonly known by the following names, borrowed from the nearby provinces:

פונדו (pundo) = ליברה (libra)
שאלין (šalén) = סואילדו (sueldo)
פינסי (pense) = דינאריו (denaryo)