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model/actress Philadelphia "Philly" Gore

Philadelphia (or "Philly") Gore (1981-2008) is the daughter of General Moderator Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.. She has become famous in her own right as a model and party girl, a member of New Amsterdam's Mile High Set who has also appeared in three motion pictures (including a remake of 1960's WAXWORK HORROR). She counts among her circle such celebrities as Nicola Vlas-Florea, daughter of the reigning Prince of Oltenia, and Portia Moon, daughter of the Bruno Moon of NoMoreEagleZ, as well as the Montreian singer/actress Angelita Diaz. Rumors have abounded for years that Miss Gore would pose for Dandy magazine. Although self-supporting in terms of her work as a model, Miss Gore has never attended college, in sharp contrast to her father and grandfather--the current General Moderator and former First Viceroy, respectively--as well as her twin brother Nicholas, who is a law student at Harvard.

In July 2007 Philly Gore was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. While this would normally be a fairly routine matter, Miss Gore was already under probation for a similar offense from the previous September. As part of the plea bargain with the Crown Prosecutor's Office, her driving license was suspended for eighteen months beginning in November, 2006. The typical sentence for such an offense would be sixty days incarceration.

On Monday, January 7, 2008 Philly Gore was found dead in her Breuckelen apartment. The coroner announced her death was due to an overdose resulting from the blend of two different drugs (cocaine and morphine) known as a a "fastball." The NAPD is reportedly investigating any possible links between Gore and Andre Vaschon, grandson of reputed Pegre Duc Pierre Daille. Rumors that the two had dated have been reported in tabloids for over two years, reports both Gore and Vaschon denied (although admitting they moved in the same circles and had in fact met).