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Peter Dale (aka Pierre Daille) (born 1939-2008) was reportedly one of the most powerful figures in organized crime in the North American League. According to the Central Bureau of Investigation he heads the Signoret Famille of the Pègre. His unofficial title is Duc. During the 1980s he was one of the leaders of the so-called "Youngbloods" who wrested control of most of the Pègre from the previous generation.

Dale has a flamboyant style and, unusually, has courted the limelight of public attention. He dresses extremely well, patronizes major cultural and sports events and has even hosted fireworks displays in New Amsterdam. He insists that, despite over ten indictments since 1989 for crimes ranging from murder to racketeering and sale of illegal narcotics, he is nothing more than a successful real estate developer and investor whose lack of convictions proves his innocence.

One major source of difficulty for Dale is his family. He is estranged from his only son while the husbands of all three of his daughters are said to make up most of the Cardinals of the Signoret Famille. They do not get along, and factions are lining up over who will eventually become the Old Man's heir. It is also true that the sources of illegal drugs--the foundation of the Signoret great wealth--are in flux due to events in Florida and Louisianne. A more recent issue involves his grandson Andre Vaschon, rumored to have been dating Philly Gore.

According to the CBI, Dale is a perennial member of the Tribunal, a kind of oversight committee for the Pègre in general.

Dale died in June, 2008, following a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.