Nicola Vlas-Florea

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Nicola Vlas-Florea

Nicola Vlas-Florea (born 1982) is the only child of the reigning prince of Oltenia. While attending university, she became interested in the theatre, becoming very active in the avant garde of the post-Snor years. Her talent, and perhaps more specifically her beauty, attracted talent scouts and she began to appear in motion pictures in 2002. Fortunately, she is fluent in four languages--Romanian, French, German and Italian.

Critics and audiences in general have responded favorably to her performances, especially her starring roles in Les frères des bêtes (2003) and in L'Oracle (2004).

She is also in much demand as a model. However, she is very involved in charitable work and helped raise money for the victims of the New Orleans Furacano. She's also made substantial contributions to AIDS charities and to efforts at rebuilding in the wake of the Florida War.

Although she still calls Oltenia home, she keeps houses in Prussia, France and recently Louisianne. Her income as a model and actress have made her financially independent. Although offered dual citizenship by Italy, she refused it even though doing so kept her in a higher tax bracket in her homeland. This helped cement her popularity at home, and stifle criticism of her "unseemly" lifestyle.

Her private life is the subject of considerable gossip. She is known to have dated both Sean O'Kinneide (son of former NAL General Moderator Edward Moore O'Kinneide) and the future Friedrich V of Prussia. By all accounts she is on good terms with her parents and with her cousin, the heir to Oltenia's princedom. Her best friend in recent years has been Portia Moon, daughter of the Bruno Moon of NoMoreEagleZ and much was made when they once went partying in New Orleans with singer Angelita Diaz. Dandy magazine has definitely made overtures for Nicola Vlas-Florea to pose for a pictorial, but she has so far refused (although two of her films have featured nudity, those with asterisks below).


  • Ingenue *(2002) is a thinly-veiled (and somewhat sensationalistic) biography of American actress Gloria Dawson, but set in France where the character is named Dierdre Gloire. Nicola played the title role.
  • Premiere (2002) is a comedy in which Nicola has a small but pivotal role as a the object of a middle-aged man's fantasies.
  • Les frères des bêtes *(2003) an historical adventure/mystery with supernatural elements, set just prior to the French Revolution. Nicola played a prostitute who was also a secret agent and sometimes-assassin for a covert Order of Knights.
  • L'Oracle (2004) is a modern fantasy about a man who gains the power to see the future. Nicola played his sister, whom he is desperately trying to save from a grisley death.
  • Nanette Et Moi (2005) is her most recent film, set during the Second Great War where she plays a widow in occupied Oltenia, who makes an alliance for survival of sorts with an orphaned little boy.

In 2006 it was announced Nicola Vlas-Florea had been cast in the role of Galadriel in the motion picture version of Lord of the Rings. She reportadely is learning the English of her role phonetically, although she is also making considerable efforts to learn the language in preparation of filming.