Juan Carlos of Tejas

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Juan Carlos I of Tejas
Juan carlos.jpg
Birth: 5 January, 1983
Reign: 27 September 2007 - Present
Death: not applicable
Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
Profession: Royalty (formerly history student)
Consort: None
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic (Isidoran Rite)
Personal Arms:
Chequy argent and vert, lion rampant azure claws and tongue gules

Juan Carlos of Tejas (born 1983) is the current King of the restored monarchy in Tejas. His full name is Juan Carlos Louis Felippe Fürsten zu Solms-Braunfels and he is the grandson of the previous monarch, Maria Gabrielle (1908-2007). Although born in Germany he was raised in the NAL.

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  • Juan Carlos Louis Felippe Fürsten zu Solms-Braunfels (1983- ; r. 2007- ) is the son of Hans Georg. His great-grandmother's will, approved by the new Tejan Congress, stipulated the popular young man as her heir.

From Conculture... Re: [conculture] Re: IB: Queen Maria Gabrielle Dies

--- Peter Ara Guekguezian <kode_conlangs@...> wrote:

So Juan Carlos is popular, young, and dashing (so I presume ;) )? Seems like he could be the face of a new, less militaristic, more open and progressive (relatively speaking) Texas! I'm guessing that his popularity is due in part to his freshness, as many of the Tejanos probably are eager to turn away from the violent, alienated pariah mentality of the last few decades.

And popular with the NAL not least of which because he grew up and was educated in the NAL.

There are probably still some hard-liners who are itching to get back at Mexico and AC, but I'm sure most ordinary people are more willing to orient themselves toward the outside world. Hopefully his reign will be stable and prosperous, with no coups d'etat, no military juntas, and no more of the heretofore perpetual hostility with his neighbors.

This is much to be hoped. That pretty much leaves Louisianne and Deseret/Lago Grande at the botton of the heap as far as American states go. Perhaps one of these years, the languishing OAS will be able to rise again from the ashes!

This area is in need of good news, so I'm eagerly anticipating Juan Carlos' peaceful accession to the throne. One very important question: is he still a bachelor? And if so, any exciting marriage prospects?

I'm sure he's a bachellor; and undoubtedly there will be many exciting marriage prospects! Could be German or American royalty interested (maybe Scandinavian or Native). We'll just have to wait and see...


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NAL TODAY (San Antonio) - The Tejan government confirmed today that Maria Gabrielle, Queen of that nation since the Restoration in 2003, died Thursday night of complications due to pneumonia. She was ninety-nine years old. Her great-grandson Juan Carlos Louis Felippe Fürsten zu Solms-Braunfels (1983- ) is expected to assume the throne, as per her will which was confirmed by the Tejan Congress last July, bypassing her grandsons Don Hans Georg (1957- ) and Don Infante Jorge Emanuel (1961- ) in favor of the vastly popular Juan Carlos.

Maria Gabrielle (born 1908) was the youngest daughter of Georg Frederich (1863-1940), the Tejan monarch overthrown initially in the wake of the 1898 War then restored temporarily. Her sister had also reigned. In the wake of war with Mejico, which deposed strong man Jorge Bush, Maria Gabrielle was given the throne as part of Third Restoration.

royal banner of Tejas

THE NEW AMSTERDAM POST (San Antonio) - As a prelude to his coronation, young King Juan Carlos of Tejas unveiled a new royal banner for his dynasty, the house of Fürsten zu Solms-Braunfels. The twenty-four-year-old monarch, currently viewed as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, said in a statement that the new banner is intended to echo both his family's ancient history and its ties to Tejas. Technically, the banner would be described thus: Chequy argent and vert, lion rampant azure claws and tongue gules. The lion dates back the original Counts of Solms while the colors reflect those of Tejas itself.

It is expected that the Tejas Congress will officially authorize the new banner with little if any dissent. Juan Carlos is due to be crowned September 27, 2007.

Preceded by:
Maria Gabrielle I of Tejas
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Monarch of Tejas