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Haedrana (Adriana) is the current Grand Duchess of Luxemburg, its tenth ruler since becoming a Grand Duchy. She was born in 1964, daughter of Grand Duchess Tréis and Prince Consort Felip Bourbon. She attended university at Uppsala in the Scandinavian Realm, where she focused on finance but betrayed a true passion for history and archaeology, fields in which she stole as many hours as possible. During a dig in Mejico she met Tizocic Juan Fernando, a prince of the Mejican royal house whom she married in 1989. This "transhemispheric marriage" caught the attention of the sort of people interested in that sort of thing. When the Universitéit Lëtzebuerg was founded in 1995, Haedrana was made a lecturer of economics. True to her nature, she helped establish an archaeological "department" in partnership with some larger universities, jointly leading several digs to Mejico, often accompanied by Tizocic. She resigned her position in 2000 to assist her aging mother in her grand ducal duties.

Haedrana became Grand Duchess in 2005 following the death of her mother at the age of 41. In her role as Head of State she has continued her mother's policies of outreach to the West. In only three years she has made state visits to Jervaine, France, Aragon, the Federated Kingdoms, Ireland, and Scandinavia, besides her more regular visits to other German states and to her distant cousin, Queen Beatrice of the Batavian Kingdom. Foreign diplomats have commented (off the record) that Her Grand Ducal Highness often seems distracted on these trips, far more interested in taking in the history and culture than in diplomacy.

Haedrana has two children. Andeone (b. 1994) is heir apparent. Assuming he becomes the next ruler, he will be Luxemburg's first Grand Duke since 1950. Juelanna (b. 1997) is named for the late Queen Julianne of the BK.

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