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Napoleon II (March 20, 1811 – July 22, 1832) was the son of Napoleon and second Emperor of France. He succeeded to the throne upon his father's death on May 5, 1821. He was only 10 at the time of his succession, and his mother, Empress Marie-Louise, reigned as regent. His father's empire disintegrated after his death, with the Holy Roman Empire electing a new Emperor, and the various vassal states reclaiming sovreignty. As Emperor of France, Napoleon II also bore the title of Co-Prince of Andorra, which title he retained after being deposed as Emperor in 1830.

Napoleon II was also Grand Duke of Luxemburg, but when he failed to be elected Holy Roman Emperor, he and his guardians saw little use for the little German state. The autonomy that Napoleon I had granted it was allowed to lapse. Fearing actions by Prussia and Austria, France's leaders put Luxemburg's fortress directly under the control of the French army. The Imperial Diet (Reichstag) continued to meet in Luxemburg City, but ceased to do so after Napoleon was deposed.

For the final two years of his life, he reigned as Co-Prince of Andorra before dying of tuberculosis. He was succeeded in his position as Co-Prince by his cousin, Napoleon III.

Preceded by:
Napoleon I
Emperor of France
Succeeded by:
Louis-Philippe I
Grand Duke of Luxemburg
Co-Prince of Andorra
Succeeded by:
Napoleon III
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