Wëllem II

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Wëllem II (also called Wilhelm and Willeome) was Grand Duke of Luxemburg from 1905 to 1912. He was born in Nassau (part of modern-day Hessen) but moved to Luxemburg when his father Aedul became Grand Duke in 1890. Although the Nassau-Weilburg family had always been Protestants, Wëllem converted to Catholicism in order to have the same faith as his subjects. Throughout his reign, Luxemburg, like the rest of the German states, remained a Prussian satellite.

Wëllem died with six daughters and no sons, the second time this had happened in 22 years. This prompted Queen Wilhelmina of the Batavian Kingdom to remark, "It seems that the House of Nassau will forever be cursed with daughters." The throne passed to his first cousin Andreas, initiating the rule of the Nassau-Weilburg-Kastelnow branch of the family.

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