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Personal arms of Maria I

Maria I (b. 1934, reigned since 1976) is the younger sister of King Emmanuel I of Saxony and aunt to his son, Emmanuel II. She is the first woman to rule the Holy Roman Empire in its twelve centuries of existence.

Born Maria Amalia von Wettin' on 30 November, 1934, lived a very public life. She was home schooled until college, and studied at Dresden Royal University after the end of the Second Great War, earning her masters in Political Theory and a bachelors in Economic Sciences. However, in her early teens she was known as a spoiled child, one that seemed to whine to get what she wanted. Indeed, a famous post-war story went that she would pester occupying generals for days on end until they would eventually cave in and relent to whatever demands she was wanting.

After achieving her Masters, she then went on "Maria's Grand Tour," a widely noted world travel (she would later write a book about her travels, and a movie would be made in the 1980's, though the movie was only vaguely set in reality, quickly diverging on romance and intrigue). She traveled Europe, the NAL-SLC, and even traveled to Japan and Australasia. Everywhere she went, paparazzi followed.

However, after returning home, her sister, Anna, passed away. Anna and Maria had been the closest of friends for the entirety of their lives, and the death "grounded the princess into reality," as one newspaper stated. She began a slow process of redefining herself, and in one short decade, she had begun to be referred to as "The Great Princess." She began to enter politics, and pushed economic reform while maintaining a right-of-center social policy.

After Konrad Töpfer stepped down from being Holy Roman Emperor, the people of the Empire looked for a reasonable candidate, one who was hard against SNOR-ism, well known, and noted for political "control." She was chosen by two votes over the King of Wuerttemberg.

Her reign has seen many things, including the explosion of technology, the fall of SNORism, and both a major economic upturn as well as decline. Though for long stretches at a time her role as Holy Roman Empress has been one of merely a figurehead, she has also pushed legislation she has felt necessary, including the Imperial Child Education Act of 1995, as well as fight against legislation, such as the Foreign National Medical Act.

She is married to her second cousin, Prince Ernst. They have two children, Anna Maria and Frederick Emmanuel, both of which are married and have one child each.

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