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Arms of the Viceregal College
Banner of the Viceregal College
Banner of the English Viceroy
Banner of the Kemrese Viceroy
Banner of the Scottish Viceroy
Banner of the Scandinavian Viceroy
Banner of the "Fifth" Viceroy
Banner of the Native Viceroy

The Viceregal College is a political institution in the North American League. It was established during the General Moderator-ship of Johnathan Taylor partially to smooth any legal or diplomatic snags created by the creation of the NAL and also as a check to the powers of the General Moderator.

Initially there were three Viceroys, representing Scotland, England and Kemr. Their term was for twelve years, with each rotating the position of First Viceroy every four years. Over time this has changed. Currently there are five Viceroys, their term is fifteen years and the First Viceroy-ship is for three years.

Technically, there is a sixth member of the College - an empty chair representing the direct rule of God. This has been an unusual feature of the Viceregal College since its establishment and was included to appease the "Fifth Monarchy" men, who expected the imminent rule of God to begin any time now. When Mueva Sefarad and Les Plaines joined the League in 1899 and 1904, for the first time the NAL government had to contend with the issue of Newcommer provinces without a sovereign to represent, such that the question of having or not having a Viceroy could no longer be attributed to differences in political culture between Newcommers and Natives. This confusion was solved in 1914 with the addition of a Native Viceroy and the technical declaration of the "empty viceroy" as head of state in those provinces that have no flesh-and-blood viceroy. For ninety years the empty "Fifth" viceregal seat represented only MS and LP, until the readmission of East Florida and West Florida. In their first incarnation as English colonies, the two provinces were clearly associated with the English Viceroy — but after the tides of history had swept them into the Castillo-Carribean sphere and back, their original viceregal designation was no longer appropriate.


The original process of selecting the Viceroys was simply a matter of the respective monarchs' choice, usually dictated by the respective national governments. In theory, this remains the practice. Practically, caucuses in the NAL parliament representing the given aligned provinces offer candidates which are nearly always approved.

Vacancies in the College were usually filled in a variety of methods, depending upon the circumstances of the time. However, since the 1940s the tradition has arisen of choosing an unofficial Viceroy Pro Tempore when each office-holder is selected. When vacancies happen, the Pro Tempore individual is nominated pretty much automatically by the respective monarch (or the Council Fire for the Native Viceroy).

At least in theory, the First Viceroy is Commander-in-Chief of the NAL military. His (or her) signature is required to make a bill a law, although this is a formality. The First Viceroy may veto a bill, but that in practice only sends it back to Parliament. If they pass it a second time, then no second veto from the First Viceroy is possible. But the First Viceroy does have the power of pardon. The individual Viceroys have identical powers in terms of the provinces under each alignment, hence:

Red - English; Green - Kemrese; Purple - Scottish; Orange - Scandinavian; Dark Blue - Native; Teal - Undefined; Dark Teal - Territory







Other than the above, the actual authority of the Viceregal College is one of prestige. Mostly members of the College partake of ceremonial functions such as launching ships, bestowing awards of valor, opening respective provincial legislatures, etc.

Viceroys are nominated, confirmed, etc. during the course of the year, but are installed on November 5. This is the same date the First Viceroy officially takes office.

The Viceregal College is also responsible for the American College of Heralds.

List of Viceroys

Alignment Name Took Office Left Office First Viceroy
Scottish unknown 1841 1845 1841-45
Kemrese unknown 1841 1848 1845-48
English unknown 1841 1851 1848-51
Scandinavian* unknown 1848 1854 1851-54
Scottish unknown 1845 1857 1851-57
Kemrese unknown 1848 1860 1857-60
English unknown 1851 1863 1860-63
Scandinavian unknown 1854 1866 1863-66
Scottish unknown 1857 1869 1866-69
Kemrese unknown 1860 1872 1869-72
English unknown 1863 1875 1872-75
Scandinavian unknown 1866 1878 1875-78
Scottish unknown 1869 1881 1878-81
Kemrese unknown 1872 1884 1881-84
English unknown 1875 1887 1884-87
Scandinavian unknown 1878 1890 1887-90
Scottish unknown 1881 1893 1890-93
Kemrese unknown 1884 1896 1893-96
English unknown 1887 1899 1896-99
Scandinavian unknown 1890 1902 1899-1902
Scottish unknown 1893 1905 1902-05
Kemrese unknown 1896 1908 1905-08
English unknown 1899 1911 1908-11
Scandinavian unknown 1902 1914 1911-14
Scottish unknown 1905 1917 1914-17
Kemrese unknown 1908 1920 1917-20
English unknown 1911 1923 1920-23
Scandinavian unknown 1914 1926 1923-26
Native unknown 1917 1929 1926-29
Scottish unknown 1917 1932 1929-31
Kemrese unknown 1920 1935 1931-35
English unknown 1923 1938 1935-38
Scandinavian unknown 1926 1941 1938-41
Native unknown 1929 1944 19416-44
Scottish unknown 1932 1947 1944-47
Kemrese unknown 1935 1950 1947-50
English unknown 1938 1953 1950-53
Scandinavian unknown 1941 1956 1953-56
Native unknown 1944 1959 1956-59
Scottish unknown 1947 1962 1959-62
Kemrese unknown 1950 1965 1962-65
English unknown 1953 1968 1965-68
Scandinavian unknown 1956 1971 1968-71
Native unknown 1959 1974 1971-74
Scottish unknown 1962 1977 1974-77
Kemrese unknown 1965 1980 1977-80
English unknown 1968 1983 1980-83
Scandinavian unknown 1971 1986 1983-86
Native unknown 1974 1989 1986-89
Scottish unknown 1977 1992 1989-92
Kemrese Albert Arnold Gore, Sr. 1980 1995 1992-95
English unknown 1983 1998 1995-98
Scandinavian unknown 1986 2001 1998-2001
Native unknown 1989 2004 2001-04
Scottish Bruce Stanfield 1992 2007 2004-07
Kemrese Matthew Cuomo 1995 2010 2007-10
English Septimus Derleth 1998 2013 2010-13
Scandinavian Frederik Amundsen Blick 2001 2016 2013-2016
Native Ben Nighthorse Campbell 2004 2019 2016-19
Scottish Taylor Gray 2007 2022 2019-22
Kemrese unknown 2010 2025 2022-25
English unknown 2013 2028 2025-28
Scandinavian unknown 2016 2031 2028-31
Native unknown 2019 2034 2031-34
  • 1848 was the year in which New Sweden joined the NAL, and the Scandinavian Realm gained a member to the Viceregal College. As such they were the most junior member of that body. At that time the term of office of First Viceroy was shortened from four years to three.
  • In 1914 a fifth Viceroy for the Native Tribal peoples of the NAL was added, with the term for members of Viceregal College expanded from twelve to fifteen years.