Ben Nighthorse Campbell

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Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Order: 24th General Moderator
Term of Office: 25 March, 1981 - 25 March, 1991
Predecessor: Ronald William Regan
Successor: William Josiah Clinton
Date of birth: 13 April, 1933
Date of death: N/A
Place of birth: Badriver, Les Plaines
Profession: Cheyenne Chieftain, rancher, jeweller, politician
Political Party: Whig
Relgious Affiliation: Not Affiliated

Ben Nighthorse Campbell (born 1933) was in most ways a self-made man, who by the age of forty-five had become a millionaire with shrewd investments and a truly enormous range of contacts. Having always been involved in politics, and enjoying personal popularity, he was easily elected Mayor of Liberty. This proved a springboard to much higher office in 1981, when the Whig Convention--sensing a chance to win the General Moderator-ship for the first time in a generation--bogged down over their nominee. Campbell had entered the race in order to advance issues like tax reform, but he emerged as the compromise choice nearly everyone could support. That year, the Whigs soundly defeated the Progressive Conservatives, possibly due in part to what was dubbed the Wainwright Factor (namely, how closely a given nominee resembled the late and hugely popular James Wainwright).

Once in office, Campbell sometimes found dealing with his own party more troublesome than the Opposition. Neither the Right nor the Left trusted him, and many career politicos regarded him as unfit for the task. It would be safe to say he surprised them. Choosing for his Cabinet some of his most prominent rivals, he in effect leashed them to his own policies, which included a downgrading of military budgets.

The first full-blood Native to achieve the Oblong Office, Campbell enjoyed considerable popularity throughout his term, especially in Native provinces such as Cherokee Nation and Miami. This fact was a tool he wielded without a qualm. As the Whigs continued in the majority, election after election, he received credit for this fact which made his authority increasingly un-assailable. Nevertheless, by the end of his term nearly every conservative within the Whig Party had defected to the PCs, while a core of Left-Wingers began to coalesce into what would eventually be known as the "NeoLeft."

Achievements of his administration included:

After leaving office, Campbell was selected as the Native member of the Viceregal College.

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Preceded by:
Ronald William Regan
General Moderatorship of the NAL-SLC
Succeeded by:
William Josiah Clinton
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Native Viceroy
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First Viceroy
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