Septimus Derleth

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Septimus Derleth
Portrait Septimus.jpg
Birth: 1930
Death: Not applicable
Profession(s): Naval officer, Lawyer, Legislator, Diplomat, Statesman
Political Party: Progressive Conservative
Religious Affiliation: Evangelical Lutheran
Personal Arms
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Sir Septimus Björnsson Derleth (born 1930) is a former MP and Moderator of Ontario and currently the English Viceroy for the North American League.

Early Life

Born in the far western part of New Yorkshire his father was an immigrant from the then independent Republic of New Iceland whilst his mother was descended from a long line of English settlers, his mother converted to her husband's Evangelical Lutheranism and raised her son as a devout member of this denomination. Aged 18 Septimus Björnsson, as he was then known, was accepted to the Solemn League Naval academy, though the Second Great War ended before he saw active service he pursued a short career in the Navy, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. It was during his service with Scandinavian officers that he adopted his mother's family name, both to conform to Rigsmaal naming conventions and state his united american heritage.

Political Career

After being discharged Björnsson served briefly as a local party activist for the Progressive Conservative before mounting a successful 1961 bye-election challenge in his home district to the Whigs and entering the Provincial Assembly as a member of the Progressive Conservatives. Hugely popular amongst his constituents in 1965 Derleth was chosen to represent his home constituency in the NAL parliament, which he did to popular acclaim until chosen in 1981 to serve as Ontario's Moderator.

Having refused to run for the Progressive Conservative nomination for the General Moderatorship in 1991 Derleth retired from the Moderatorship of Ontario the same year and upon receipt of the Baronetcy of Derleth of Casterton in New Yorkshire (his original home town) from Queen Elizabeth many expected Sir Septimus to gracefully retire from politics. However he entered the NAL Foreign office as a highly ranking civil servant where he was instrumental in paving the way for the entry of New Iceland into the NAL in 2001. In 1998 upon the strength of these inevitable events and his distinguished political career, Sir Septimus Björnsson Derleth was chosen by the English caucus to accede to the position of English Viceroy for the North American League.

Political Views

Derleth has been referred to as the 'Everperson's conservative'; noted for his support of military intervention by the NAL in both cases of threats to American and Commonwealth interests and systematic abuse of Human rights, of equal rights for minorities and social mobility whilst championing the duties of the aristocracy, a famous quote of his is, 'I was born to a humble family and have risen to the parliament itself, where I come from if nobody is being hurt we live and let live and trust to those who have demonstrated through two hundred years or twenty years of good works and high actions to do what they must.'. He has also systematically voted in favour of free-market and economic de-regularisation and in locally managed and supported social welfare rather than national programs stating that he believes in 'Hard work and trusts to the intelligence and goodness of all the people of the League to do what must be done, not the nannying of the government.'

He has also favoured the integration of any region of the Unincorporated Territories should its people desire it and is reported to have stated in private that he believes that the world would be a more politically stable and secure place had the NAL absorbed all the territories of North America, in particular repeatedly denied gossip states that he believes the contemporary government made a mistake in not integrating Louisianne following the 1828 War.

Preceded by:
English Viceroy
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Preceded by:
Edgar Allen Powell
Moderator of Ontario
Succeeded by:
Louis Arquette