Johnathan Taylor

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Johnathan Taylor
Order: 4th General Moderator
Term of Office: 25 March, 1833 - 25 March, 1843
Predecessor: Martin van Lustbader
Successor: Constantine Joanes
Date of birth: 12 January, 1781
Date of death: 16 July, 1869
Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvaania
Profession: Army officer, politician
Political Party: Whig
Relgious Affiliation: Deist

Johnathan Taylor was born in Philadelphia, one of a set of twins. He served as an officer during the Napoleonic Wars, rising to the rank of colonel. After the war, he resigned his commission and entered politics, being elected MP in 1820. He continued to serve as MP until 1832 when he resigned to run for General Moderator.

He was the first Whig elected General Moderator, the party having in effect absorbed most of the smaller parties formed in opposition to the short-lived Confederationalist Party.

Taylor had the reputation for being honest and straightforward, which earned him a nickname in Parliament, "The Old Kipper" (most agreed he appeared older than his 39 years upon entering the House of Delegates or the 51 when he left it). His advocates used the initials "O.K." often enough that it entered into contemporary slang as "Okay."

Miami and Ouisconsin joined the NAL during his tenure in office.

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Preceded by:
Martin van Lustbader
General Moderatorship
of the NAL-SLC
Succeeded by:
Constantine Joanes