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Bruce Lorne Stanfield (born 1922) is an NAL politician, a prominent member of the national and Alba Nuadh Progressive Conservative Party. He was the First Viceroy of the NAL from 2004 to 2007. One of the most individually most respected persons in the entire League, he is sometimes called “The greatest General Moderator we never had.”

Stanfield was born to wealthy parents, and has in fact never needed to work for a living. During the Second Great War he volunteered to serve in the Continental Army, and fought in the Balkan Campaigns. At this time he was a Socialist. However, upon returning home after the war, he ultimately joined the Progressive Conservative Party after graduating from law school. His leadership is largely credited with building the party in Alba Nuadh which had been a Whig stronghold. By 1962 he was Governor of the province, his administration noted for its moderation. In 1970 he was a Senator and proved instrumental in persuading the party to nominate James Wainwright as a compromise candidate for the General Moderator-ship. Many, including Wainwright himself, suggested Stanfield himself might be a better choice but he demurred. He served as Attorney General as well as Minister of War in the Wainwright administration. Although neither a friend nor ally of the Wainwright’s successor, Ronald William Regan, he finished his term of office and again refused to be considered as a candidate himself in 1980, returning instead to the Senate where he was elected Speaker.

During the election of 1990, the Progressive Conservatives had split between the more activist wing led by John Robert O'Kinneide and the moderates in the mold of the late James Wainwright. The latter in effect drafted Stanfield as their candidate. However, he refused to indulge in negative campaigning, ultimately losing the nomination to O’Kinneide who in turn lost to William Josiah Clinton. Forced out of Progressive Conservative leadership positions, Stanfield was overwhelming elected by the Scottish Caucus in Parliament to be their Viceroy in 1992. In 2004 his seniority meant he became First Viceroy of the North American League. He retired from politics-- but not alogether from public life-- when his term expired in November 2007.

He has been married three times, and widowed twice.

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Scottish Viceroy
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Taylor Gray
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First Viceroy
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