New Kemr di'll Ostr

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Ill Rheolm d'ill New Kemr d'ill Ostr (Brithenig)
The Dominion of New South Cambria (English)
Official Comroig
Other Manoeg, Kerno, Brehonecq, Gaeilg, & Laurentian
Capital Sednîr
Rheitheir (First Minister) Rhoberth Càr
Area ...
Population -
Currency Cambrian llîr
Organizations Commonwealth_of_Nations

New South Cambria is a Cambrian colonial province which is also part of the Commonwealth of Australasia. Officialy, the province is known as a rheolm which is sometimes translated into English as "realm" or "dominion".

The appellation of "Province of New South Cambria" is normally only used when refering to NSC as a component of Australasia.



The head of state is the king of Cambria, although day-to-day affairs are handled by his representatvie, ill tuifaldun. The tuifaldun is chosen by the King on the advice of the rheitheir (the elected first minister).

The government of the rheolm is somewhat autonomous, save for the fact that the ultimate authority (the highest courts and legal imprimatur) is in the hands of the homeland government. It is allowed to sign treaties and conduct military affairs only with the approval of the relevant Cambrian ministry, although since the Second Great War, this has become mostly a formality.

Administrative Divisions


See also: Rogues and Vilains of New South Cambria



  • North: Kingsland
  • West: The Great Corridor Territory
  • South: Guereintia
  • East: Pacific Ocean



New South Cambria uses the Cambrian pound but produces its own version of the currency at the NSC Colonial Mint in Sydney.

Of particular note are the so-called "holey pounds" and the squarish pennies produced for traditional reasons.



The administrative language is officialy Brithenig, although both Kerno and Manoeg can be also use in the parliament or when requesting services from the government.

Some speakers of Gaeilg can be found where freed Irish convicts settled in the 19th century, particularly near the border with Guereintia.

There is also a small number of Laurentian speakers in the municipality of Laurentian Bay near the capital.


Inhabitants are primarily Cambriese Catholics, although other Christian rites are also practiced. There is a growing Muslim population in urban centers.

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