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Message from Muke Tever, 19 Jan 2023: I believe our troubleshooting has been successful, and it looks like our content is back online. The wiki has been upgraded to a newer version in the process, and may soon (if not today, then this weekend) be upgraded a bit further to make sure we're all good for a while. Please let me know if you encounter any outstanding issues.

This, of course, is in regards to the recent technical difficulties that resulted in severe service interruptions. Please do check any pages you either made or edited or any favourite pages, just to ensure that the integrity of this Wiki has been maintained through the difficulties.


Twenty years! Twenty years this merrye band has been amok on the internet. BoArthur 08:07, 11 April 2016 (PDT)

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On Saisei 3, Sañgaçu 19 (April 24, 1954), a new constitution, based on the Meidji Constitution, was adopted.

Who We Are

For over twenty years, Ill Bethisad has been a collaborative effort in shared-universe building. Part alt-history, part conculture, Ill Bethisad is an alternate timeline created by a dedicated group of geopoets. If you are unfamiliar with it, please have a look at this short description.

This is the Ill Bethisad Wiki: it is a constantly growing, ever more detailed perspective of the alternate timeline Earth created by Andrew Smith. Ill Bethisad Members should feel free to make of this resource what they will. Guests are invited to comment. If you're not a member, but are interested in contributing, it is recommended that you go first to the Facebook page, fill in the form provided, and once approved, introduce yourself to the group. Previously, we were mainly based on Conculture before Yahoo Groups was shut down on December 15, 2020. Over the time this group has existed, it could be said to have moved broadly in sync with the developing Internet, first starting with email groups, then setting up a bulletin board, then a webring, then the wiki you are currently on, and then finally Conculture and ultimately Facebook. There are links to most of those if you wish to peruse them here. Then, after joining the group and getting to know IB, review your own ideas and introduce them to the group to see how well they fit. At this point in time, the sort of idea that can fit within the framework of IB has moved on from the broad strokes of history and linguistics due to the great amount of work that has been done at understanding how this alternate timeline functions, but proposals are welcome nonetheless, especially on areas so far underdeveloped.

As of right now, we have 3,689 articles!

If you are unfamiliar with wikis in general, visit Help:How does one start a page and Help:Editing. A full list of help topics is at Help:Contents.

Main sections of the Ill Bethisad Wiki:

Links page: Links to resources on Ill Bethisad on Internet.
Abbreviations page: Abbreviations frequently used in Ill Bethisad.
Archives: mathomhouse for old, discarded Wiki stuff.

Note to editors: This Wiki may be used in several different contexts: making Proposals or Suggestions, asking Questions, and the storage of such Fact as are not kept on the various IB related webpages, which constitute the primary source material. If you're making a proposal and you want something to be read as a proposal, not 100% factual, please add the text {{proposal}} to the top of the page. For denoting source material, do the same, replacing {{proposal}} with {{source}}. See IBWiki:Templates for more info.
We ask that all members of the List make a regular pass over the Proposal page to voice their opinion of pending submissions.

Notice: The contents of these pages are copyright (C) by the creators of these pages. They may reserve all rights individually or jointly.

Notice: The contents of these pages are a work of fiction. The places, characters, incidents and dialogues are products of the authors' imaginations. Any resemblance to actual places, persons (living or dead) or events is entirely coincidental. Unless it should amuse us so to do, in which case no insult is intended.

"Oh my gosh, they open-sourced history!" -- Damian Yerrick