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Sunday, 22 January 2023, 07:41

Part alt-history, part conculture, Ill Bethisad is an alternate timeline created by a dedicated group of conculturistes. If ye are unfamiliar wiþ it, please have a look at þis short descripcion or, better yet, visit IB's homepage.

THis is þe Ill Bethisad Wiki: Ill Bethisad people, do wiþ it as it please you. If þa are not a member, but þa has an interest in contributing, first please go here to þe Conculture list, introduce þyself to þe group, take a look at þe linkes page, IB's Website and þen learn how we work as a group. THen, review þine own ideas and introduce þem to þe group to see how well þey fit. At þis point in time, þe sort of idea þat can fit within þe framework of IB is increasindely limited due to þe great amount of work þat has been done to understand how þis alternate timeline funcciones, but are welcome nonetheless.

Alternatively, þa may of course boldly enter Lla Dafern (THe Pub) and go þrough þe same procedure.

As of right now, we have 3,688 articles!

If þa are unfamiliar wiþ wikies in general, visit Help:How does one start a page and Help:Editing. A full list of help topickes is at Help:Contents.

Main secciones of þe Ill Bethisad Wiki:

Links page: Linkes to resources on Ill Bethisad on Internet.
Abbreviations page: Abbreviaciones frequently used in Ill Bethisad.

Note to editors: THis Wiki may be used in several different contextes: Proposales, Suggesciones, Quesciones, and 'Fact'. If þa're makind a proposal and þa want someþinge to be read as a proposal, not 100% factual, please add þe text {{proposal}} to þe top of þe page. For denotinde source material, do þe same, replacind {{proposal}} wiþ {{source}}. See Templates for user messages for more info.
We ask þat all memberes of THe List make a regular pass over þe Proposal page to voice þeir opinion of pendinge submissiones.

Notice: THe contentes of þese pages are copyright (C) by þe creatores of þese pages. THey may reserve all rightes individually or jointly.

Notice: THe contentes of þese pages are a work of ficcion. THe places, characteres, incidentes and dialogues are productes of þe autours imaginaciones. Any resemblance to actual places, persones (livind or dead) or eventes is entirely coincidental. Unless it should amuse us so to do, in which case no insult is intended.

"Oh my gosh, þey open-sourced history!" -- Damian Yerrick