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Starting a new page from scratch is not something that wikis tend to make easy.

  • The Wiki Way™ is to start from pages that already exist and follow links to pages that don't exist to create them.
    In practical terms, this means you can go to your user page (while logged in, click on your username in the bar across the top of the page) and add a link to the page title you'd like to create, for example [[Blastwegian]] or [[List of monarchs of Blastwegia]]. (Placing a topic in double brackets will create a wiki link. For more on wiki formatting, see Help:Editing.) After saving, the link will probably be red, indicating the page it points to doesn't exist yet. Click on it to start editing your new page.
  • A simple alternative way is this: enter the name of the article you want to create in the "search" box and press Go. If the article does not yet exist, you will get the following message:
    There is no page titled "Blastwegian". You can create this page.
    Just follow the red link and there you go!
  • If the page title you want already has an article on it... things may get more complicated. Come to Lla Dafern (the Pub) and ask one of the moderators to do something about it.
  • An easier way to start an article is just to change URL in your browser URL bar to (where instead of words "NewPageTitle" would be the title you've chosen for new page). Usually it is easy to do as you don't have to type everything; if you are already browsing Ill Bethisad wiki, you'll just need to delete the words after last slash (which are the name of the page you currently are browsing) and place there name of new page instead, then press enter. However, do keep in mind that this method will work only when name of the article you're creating does not contain spaces or other special characters.
  • Article names can contain letters with diacritics. However, avoid using the ampersand & in article names, as it can cause unforeseen trouble.