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Ill Bethisad isn't just about Wars and discussions on measurement standards and constructed languages. Presumably, the people that inhabit IB like to get out of the house and take in a picture or see a play. Here you can read about various aspects of IB's culture.

This is for cultural items like popular literature, moving pictures and the like - especially when it departs from or plays on *here*'s pop culture.

  • Alcohol is as much the social lubricant *there* as *here*.
  • Corporations and Economics - not normally thought of as "culture", perhaps, but these are certainly important parts of everyday life.
  • Moving Pictures provide a great escape from the drudgeries of airshipping over to the Holy Roman Empire for a serious business meeting with top Baltic League and European Federation chiefs; or taking the TGV out of Embro headed for a holiday in sunny Costa del Sol, hobnobbing with Spanish, Sicilian and Tawantinsuyan royalty.
  • Books of excellent caliber are also a popular escape and allow one to draw the pictures in one's own mind.
  • Television does exist in IB, though is not a dominant a world-culture force.
  • News Agencies come in both the responsible and irresponsible types.
  • Culture Tests Every culture has its own assumptions and shared background. These are a few of them.
  • Minority cultures, interesting little concultures that have yet to achieve self-determination
  • Religions Though not often thought of as 'Culture' in the sense of High-Society, the world's religious systems have greatly affected the cultures of all societies, the world over.