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Mutapa is a country in southern Africa. Once known as Rhodesia, it was a Kemrese colony and later a dominion in the 20th century. In 1957 it attained independence within the Commonwealth yet relations between it and Kemr deteriorated over time due to it refusing to implement universal suffrage, instead preferring to keep the white minority in charge. It was invaded by Chinese forces from Chinese East Africa in the late 1980s, and the war led to the final collapse of the Rhodesian government as the area became a battlefield between the invading Chinese forces, the oppressed black majority rising up against a century of oppression, and the Federated Kingdoms' troops trying to restore peace and order to it all.

After the war concluded with the defeat of CEA, the Union of South-East Africa was established, a full democracy in which universal suffrage was implemented and held high, with the old days of white minority rule now firmly in the past. In 2002, it renamed itself to the Union of Mutapa, a name that many felt fitted the country better. It is a member of the Commonwealth and has cordial relations with the Federated Kingdoms.

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