Nouvelle Cournouaille

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La Préfecture de la Nouvelle Cournouaille
Prefecture of New Cornwall
Flag of Nouvelle Cournouaille
Motto: L'Industrie est agréable à Dieu'
Subdivision of: Louisianne
 Capital: Chambéon
 Largest: Zarahemla
 Other: Roanne, Romans-sur-Platte, Provost
 Official: Francien, Narbonosc
 Others: English, Scandinavian
Préfet: Pierre Corberon
Established: 1906, Decree of the National Assembly

The Prefecture of New Cornwall was created in 1906 by decree of the National Assembly, splitting the former Prefecture of the North into the Prefecture of New Cornwall and the Territory of Navarra.


Administrative Divisions

Nouvelle Cournouaille is divided into five départements, Dordogne, Alpes-Rocheuses, Alpes-Argentés, Rocheuses and Daquota.


Settled initially by the Cournouaillians of France, the population of Nouvelle Cournouaille was later nearly doubled by a mass migration of Mormon emigrants who settled in the west of the Préfecture.

A land purchase in an CCXII has elongated the Western Borders of Louisianne, creating the Département of Alpes-Argentés, and allowing for growth in the downhill ski resorts. One of which, Tremble, or Aspen, has been bought by Roberto Redford, Alta-Californian emigré to Oregon, who now has his sights set on developing and ecotopic ski-resort, and possibly a film festival.

Recent news has revealed that this land purchase may have been a move to secure more silver for the Louisiannan Coffers.


A detailed map of Nouvelle Cournouaille
A map of Louisianne, showing Nouvelle Cournouaille


Nouvelle Cournouaille is limited by:


Historically, Nouvelle Cournouaille has been the center for mining, and ranching. In recent years, tourism has become a growth industry, as has mining with the silver in the Alpes-Argentés. Johannes Yager promised in his election campaign to bring other industries to Nouvelle Cournouaille to complement the large number of highly educated persons.

The Asimoupoli-Warmenhuizen freight line terminates in Western Rocheuses. It was originally built to a narrow gauge, but was repeatedly upgraded throughout its length. Until recently it was run privately, but recent talks have been brokered between CFL and {the private rail company whose name is in Greek} to transfer the assets, now that robbery is a much less-likely concern. There are also talks of widening the track base to accommodate a transcontinental High-Speed Rail, with a stop in Asimoupoli.


One of Louisianne's renowned colleges is Joseph and Brigham the Mormon owned school with a student body of nearly 30,000 students, a great many of them international students from the NAL-SLC and Oregon. The University of New Cornwall is involved in research and is internationally renowned for its contribution to computing sciences. In 2013 a large campus for Solas Teoranta was opened adjacent to UNC, allowing the students to have hands-on internships, and providing Solas with an influx of newly trained employees to increase computing technology the world over.

Famous Citizens



  • Laurette d'Argent: renommé violinist and performance artist. She gained attention appearing in short films presented at theaters around Louisianne, and later, the NAL and the wider world. She has recently partnered with Jeñ Ioñ Hua on his tour of Louisianne.
  • Les Gars avec des Pianos: a duo consisting of pianist/harpsichordist/keyboardist Johann Schmidt and cellist/violinist Etienne Nelson. They have been known for their covers of pop songs made almost entirely with pianos and cellos (and the occasional violin or kick drum). They are good friends with Laurette d'Argent, all of them being members of the Mormon faith, and alumnus of The College of Joseph and Brigham.

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