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A map of Louisianne, showing the Gascogne.

The Western half of Nouvelle Navarre. Created by the Louisiannan government in the first half of the 20th Century, it was named after the homeland of the settlers, Gascogne, in France.

Mining has taken off in the last years as the Sioux and Daquota tribes have begun leasing the rights to the government to mine the Noirraines.

Flag of Louisianne Administrative Divisions of Louisianne Flag of Louisianne
Préfectures of Louisianne
Nouvelle Cournouaille | Nouvelle Gaulle | Nouvelle Navarre | Osage | Saint-Louis | Saint-Onge
Départements of Louisianne
Alpes-Argentés | Alpes-Rocheuses | Aurillac | Bretagne | Côte de Châtaigne | Côte d'Or | Daquota | Dordogne | Garonne-Neuve | Gascogne | La Salle | Les Ozarques | Loire-Neuf | Mississippi | Mizouri | Nyobrara | Omara | Oto | Paris-sur-Mizouri | Pays-Lointains | Pont-Chartrain | Rocheuses | Saint-Louis | Terre Platte