Nouvelle Gaulle

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La Préfecture de la Nouvelle Gaulle
Prefecture of New Gaul
Flag of Nouvelle Gaulle
Motto: Liberté et Patrie'
Subdivision of: Louisianne
 Capital: Narbo
 Largest: Narbo
 Other: Tassin, Bergerac, Saint-Priest
 Official: Francien, Narbonosc
 Others: English
Préfet: Benct Olaf Norbin
Area: AREA
Established: 1865, Decree of National Assembly

The flatland along the coast of the Mizouri River. Nouvelle Gaulle is one of the quieter prefectures of Louisianne. Populated largely by Native American tribes, Nouvelle Gaulle does have some tension between farmers and Aboriginal Rights Groups who have successfully kept the North American Bison a free-range animal.



Administrative Divisions

Nouvelle Gaulle is divided into three départements, Oto, Nyobrara and Omara.


Nouvelle Gaulle was created from the Préfecture du Nord in 1865 by act of the National Assembly. Nouvelle Gaulle received its name from the large number of settlers from the south of France. Dealing closely with the Native American inhabitants, the Neogaulois named the départements after the local tribes and the names of their geographical regions.


A detailed map of New Gaul.
A map of Louisianne, showing Nouvelle Gaulle.


Nouvelle Gaulle is limited by:



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