Préfecture du Nord

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La Préfecture du Nord (defunct)
Prefecture of the North (defunct)
Prefectoral motto: none
Official Francien, Narbonosc
Other English, Scandinavian
Capital Chambeon
Important Cities Zarahemla, Narbo, Pamplona,
Préfet none

The Préfecture du Nord was created from the unorganized territory when Osage was officially organized in 1830. It lost territory to the east with the creation of the Préfecture of Nouvelle Gaulle in 1865. The préfecture was again split in the early 1900's into the Préfecture of Nouvelle Cournouaille and le Territoire de Nouvelle Navarre.

The Préfecture du Nord served for much of its existence as an Amerindian Reserve, although this was lost when the region was opened for mass settlement in the mid 1850's. With the split in 1906 to form the Préfecture of Nouvelle Cournouaille and le Territoire de Nouvelle Navarre the Prefectoral government transitioned to Nouvelle Cournouaille and a new territorial governorship was established in Nouvelle Navarre.


The Prefecture du Nord was created in a fit of legislation following the 1828 War, split from Osage in 1835 in the same legislation that created The Council. However, while sufferage was originally granted to the local amerindians, they were very apathetic and the rights were recinded. It took until the division of the Nord Prefecture for the local amerindians to express interest in suffrage.

While the Nord existed, the white farmers remained largely in control of events, and regularly voted for themselves until the beginning of the ecotopism movements. As the tenets of ecotopism affected the mindset of the local farmers, motions were floated in the Nord Parliament to allow wider suffrage. These were not successful until the division of the prefecture in 1906.