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A map of Louisianne, showing the Omara.

Omara is a false transphonation of Oh-mah-ha, the name of the indian tribe of this region of Nouvelle Gaulle. The Omaha were a tribe that was descended of the Sioux. Settling across vast areas of the northern plains, the Omara département is a small part of their former holdings.

After the 1828 War, nearly all Omaha tribe members relocated into Louisianne. They make up a large part of the government. It is believed that nearly 1/3 of all inhabitants of Nouvelle Gaulle have native american blood.

Geoffroy Gastinois hails from Omara.

Tourists flock to the region for the yearly Bison hunts. The bison are free ranged, which causes no amount of chafing between the farmers and the Aboriginal Rights groups.

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