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History of Turkestani Political Parties

Political parties as such are a relatively new phenomenon in Turkestani politics. In the Qurultaı period, the system neither needed them or allowed for them, being a gathering of all the pre-established Turkestani leaders willing or able to gather. And in the EBÜK period, all other political groups were banned.

In the period immediately following the fall of the SNOR regime in Russia and the dismantling of Turkestan's own Government of National Unity, the several largest and oldest of the numerous parties sprang suggenly into existence as politicians rapidly re-invented themselves as anything other than a Snorist in order to try to get elected.

List of Parties & Groups

There are currently over 40 registered political parties and groups in Turkestan. The following is a guide to those that are known at this time:

Right-Wing Parties

  • National Democratic Party: Centre-right.
  • Turkestan Homeland Union: A neo-Snorist party.
  • December Party.PNG December Party: Moderate Turkestani (ie non-ethnic) nationalist party. Named after the 13th December 1916 beginning of the Basmachi Revolt.
  • Free Capitalist Party: Basically Neocapitalist in outlook.

Centrist Parties

  • Progressives.PNG Progressives: One of the larger parties. Fairly dedicatedly centrist and moderate in most of their positions. Slightly pan-Turkist in an internationalist way, but also determinedly Tajik-inclusive.
  • United Way.PNG United Way: Centrist, secularist, non pan-Turkist, with ecotopic leanings

Left-Wing Parties

Religious Parties

  • Democratic Islamic Coalition.PNG Democratic Coalition of Islam: Islamic Democratic party.
  • Green Party.PNG Green Party: Islamic party with ecotopic leanings.
  • Jamıyat Islam: Islamic fundamentalist party.
  • IZU Turkestan.PNG Independent Zoroastrian Union
  • White Star Party.PNG White Star Party: Manesian.
  • United Christian Front.PNG United Christian Front: Mostly Assyrian, but also a few more moderate Russian Orthodox. Christian fundamentalist.
  • Golden Wheel.PNG Golden Wheel: Interreligious, promoting cooperation between the different religious groups.
  • Burxan Jaņ: Burxanist.
  • Dharma Party.PNG Dharma: Buddhist party. Also favours closer ties with Tibet, and as a result (see also Minorities of Turkestan) does not usually get many votes, even from staunch Buddhists.

Pan-Turkic Parties

Other Internationalist Parties

  • Transnational Party.PNG Transnational Party: Favours all forms of cooperation with other nations - free trade areas, economic cooperation and mutual defence - as a means to economic prosperity and national security. Their chief argument is that if you are sufficiently enmeshed with your neighbours, then they cannot go to war with you, and any outside threats are met by the force of all.
  • Heart of Asia Coalition: Favours strengthening the Silk Road League ties and inviting Persia to join that body so that the three historic cultures of Central Asia are joined in one international brotherhood.

Ecotopic and Green Parties

  • Central Asian Ecotopic Union
  • Blue Sky Green Land.PNGBlue Sky Green Land Party: Combines radical Ecotopism with moderate Pan-Turkism.

Confederalist Parties (and others favouring administrative reform)

  • Democratic Qurultai.PNG Democratic Qurultaı: Favour dismantling the Keņes and reinstating the Qurultaı government.
  • Federal Party: Believe in greater autonomy for the Provinces. Some of its members have made statements to the effect that Turkestan should be reorganised as a loose federation or League.
  • Party of the Ilxan: Ardently loyal to the Ilxanate. Sees itself as the self-designated protector of the dignity and power of the monarchy. Mostly centrist, but this may be a reflection of Sultan Qasım-ulı's personal politics.

Separatist and Secessionist Parties

Miscellaneous Other Parties

  • GCPT.PNG Green Carnation Party of Turkestan: Supports repeal of legislation discriminating against homosexuals.
  • Orange Alliance: Pro-"traditional morality" party formed in response to the GCP.
  • Aman Party: Against Pan-Turkism.
  • Justice Party.PNG Justice: Party supporting the Tibetan Dalai Lama-in-exile.
  • Crimson Dawn: Favours strengthening ties with the Chinas.
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