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Kök Partıyaşı
Blue Party
Blue Party.PNG
Nation Turkestan
Founded 1996
Headquarters Aşğabat, Turcomanistan
Current Membership NUMBER OF MEMBERS
Representation 27/588
Political Outlook Moderate Pan-Turkism

The Blue Party are the second largest pan-Turkist political party in Turkestan, after the Partıya Turan. Like the Partıya Turan, they are a moderate party, differing from their larger competitor in only a few respects.

The Blue Party's chief difference from the Turan Party is its more relaxed stance on immigration, which makes its overall political stance more left-leaning. The Blues are also more focused on the historic cultural links between the Turkic and Mongolic peoples than the more exclusively pan-Turkic Partıya Turan.

There is no official Täņriist political party in the Turkestani political landscape. This role is partially filled by the Blue Party. While the Party does not make Täņriism an official part of its platform, many prominent shamans and high-profile members of the Täņriist religious community are supporters of the Blue Party.

In the 2009 elections, the party increased its representation from 20 seats to 27, overtaking the Socialist Front and the National Democratic Party.

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