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Slogan "Moving Forward Together"
Nation Turkestan
Founded 1990
Headquarters Buxara
Current Membership NUMBER OF MEMBERS
Representation 108/588
Key People Sultan Qasım-ulı, Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı, others
Political Outlook Centrist

The Progressives are one of the largest political groups in the nation of Turkestan, and have a correspondingly large representation in the Keņes. The party is one of only three that can trace their history back to before the fall of the Snorist government; the other two are the Socialist Front and the Alliance of Light, both banned political groups during the EBÜK period.

History and Formation

The party formed largely from the more left-leaning, moderate wing of the EBÜK regime, hence the name "Progressives", and during the later EBÜK period those calling themselves "Progressive" formed an unofficial subgroup within the regime itself.

The Progressives were the reformers; those willing to incorporate more left-leaning or centrist doctrines into the far-right Snorist administration's platform. Their credo was fairly utilitarian; they showed a particular bent towards whatever seemed like it would work, and away from ideological posturing.

Modern Politics

Old Progressive logo

The Progressive Party is probably the most influential of the dozen or so bigger parties. It is also currently the largest represented in the Keņes.

In the run-up to the 2009 election, the party unveiled a new logo incorporating a forward-pointing arrow. This references their slogan "Moving Forward Together". The change was made after Zoroastrian and Islamic groups protested the old cross-shaped logo.

Noted Progressives

Sultan Qasım-ulı, the current Ilxan of Turkestan, was a member of the Progressive subgroup during the EBÜK period, and registered himself as such in the first open election after the fall of the SNOR. The current Keņesbaşı Nuraslan Näzbek-ulı is the current party leader.

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