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Liberal Alliance
Liberal Alliance.PNG
Nation Turkestan
Founded 1990
Headquarters Buxara, Üzbekistan Province
Current Membership NUMBER OF MEMBERS
Representation 72/588
Key People Asxat Akan-ulı
Political Outlook Left-of-Centre

The Liberal Alliance is the third-largest political party in Turkestan. Until the last round of elections (November 2009), they were the second-largest, but they made a fairly poor showing in the 2009 election and their place as second-largest party was taken by the Partıya Turan.

The Liberal Alliance's poor performance in the 2009 election was partly due to a scandal involving the then-Minister of Health and Welfare, a prominent member of the Liberal Alliance. (Details to follow...)

Asxat Akan-ulı, current leader of the Liberal Alliance

Despite their poor result in 2009, the Liberal Alliance are still one of the largest parties in the Keņes and have several of their most prominent members in the Inner Keņes, as the Turkestani cabinet is known. These include their current leader Asxat Akan-ulı, who serves as Turkestan's Minister of the Treasury, the second most powerful Keņes post after the Keņesbaşı.

The political outlook of the Liberal Alliance is distinctly left-of-centre, though far more moderate than the Socialist Front of Turkestan. The Liberal Alliance typically favour increased government spending on welfare, education, healthcare and public sector services, being willing to institute higher taxation in order to pay for it. As far as the important pan-Turkist dimension of Turkestani politics is concerned, the Liberal Alliance straddles the line somewhat. Some of its Keņesçis are well-known moderate pan-Turkists, but many others are from non-Turkic minority groups such as Tocharians, Mongolians and Russians.

Socially, the Liberal Alliance are actually fairly conservative compared to most Western "Liberal" parties, but this is true of almost all Turkestani political groups. Many conservative Turkestanis, however, consider the Liberal Alliance to be quite liberal enough, thank you.

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