Asxat Akan-ulı

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Asxat Akan-ulı
Asxat Akan-ulı
Title: Minister of the Treasury, Turkestan
 Term in office: 2007–Present
 Predecessor: PREDECESSOR
 Successor: Incumbent
Title: Foreign Minister of Turkestan
 Term in office: 1995–2007
 Predecessor: PREDECESSOR
 Successor: Azıza Şahıdı
 Date: 10- Qariça, Tüyü jıl 1944
(10th November 1944)
 Place: Kemin, Kırğızstan
Profession: Materials Scientist, Politician
Political Party: Liberal Alliance
Relgious Affiliation: Manesianity


Asxat Akan-ulı is the current Turkestani Minister of the Treasury, and is the leader of the Liberal Alliance political party.

He was born in 1944, and trained first as a materials scientist, before being drawn into politics through his membership of the Government of National Unity's party apparatus.

During the Snorist period, he was known as a very pragmatic figure, loyal enough to the regime to maintain his position but more interested in "whatever worked" than in nuances of ideology.

With this background, it was probably inevitable that he would not rise to any particular prominence. Indeed, it is only since the fall of the Government of National Unity that he has advanced to the Inner Keņes. He is now the incumbent of the second most powerful position in the Turkestani parliament.

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