Prelude to Darkness

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Prelude to Darkness is a comic book series set in an alternate timeline to the League of Righteousness series, where the superpowered beings of the standard timelines have taken over several governments around the world.

Due to its popularity, the comicbook series, Echoes of Righteousness, was created.

Major and Recurring Characters

N.B. all characters marked with a # are unique to Prelude to Darkness.

Alternate Nations

North and South America


The United Provinces of America, ruled by Magnus, is an alternate and expanded version of the NAL, which has annexed Louisianne, Florida, New Francy, Alyaska and Oregon and also contains all of the FK's other North American colonies and FK Guiana.


Mejico, ruled by Quetzalcoatl, has become an Empire, and has annexed Tejas, Alta California (including Meidji-dò), Montrei and the CAC.


Tawantinsuyu, ruled by Inca, has expanded over much of South America, and has annexed Peru, Charcas, Chile, Aruacania-Patagonia, the Riu de l'Argent and Paraguay.


Brasil, ruled by Amazon, is an Empire, and comprises of Equador, Parana, Brasil, Bahia and Uruguay.



China, which is de facto ruled by the regent, Shenlong, comprises of China at its full size, along with the Russian Primorye Republic and Tannu-Tuva, Chukotka, and Japanese Carafuto, the Txixima Islands and Gaimanxù. It also holds hegemony over Japan, Korea, Turkestan, most of the Austronesian League and most of South and Southeast Asia.



The Holy Roman Empire, ruled by the Wolfbund council, comprises of the HRE proper, Austria, Bohemia, the formerly Prussian parts of Veneda (after the third partition), Jervaine, Helvetia, Slovenia, western Croatia and Italy.


Hungary, ruled by the Watchman, comprises of Hungary proper, Galicia (RTC's first partition), part of Croatia, Slevania and all of Romania.


Dalmatia, ruled by Switchblade, comprises of Dalmatia proper, Serbia, the I.R.S. and the remaider of Croatia.