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Born in Portsmouth, England, FK, Stanley Hamilton is the son of the prominant intustrialist, the late Reginald Hamilton. When Stanly was six, his family moved to Philadelphia, Pensylvaania. Sadly, his father developed cancer three years later, and died in the Philadelphia General Hospital. Distraught, he started dabiling in magic, in order to try and see his father one last time. However, after discovering witnessing the severe crime-waves occuring at the time, as well as the various riots, Stanly decided to try doing something about it, rather than trying in vain to achieve something beyond his grasp (namely to somehow regenerate his father). That night, he performed the ritual that allows him to change into the great foe of crime he is today, the Foxbat.


Foxbat's powers include flight, sonic distruption, enhanced sensory perception and superior agility, along with the various mystic powers Stanley has picked up.

Supporting Characters

Foxbat mostly fights crime alone, although some of the other superheores do make guest appearences, particularly White Spider, Amazon, and the crew from Storm Surge.


Foxbat's enemies include the Devourer, Dr Malice, Masque, Seth and Tyranosuchos.

League of Righteousness

Foxbat is one of the founding-members of the League of Righteousness, and is a member of the League Counicil since it expanded more than a year later.

Graphic Novels

Chaos Syndrome

Foxbat was the first League member to succumb to the Chaos Syndrome (pts. 1, 5 and 6), which mutated him into Shadowbat.


Shadowbat is essentially Foxbat, which has been enhanced in every way. Stronger, faster and with better senses, it took the might of the League, combined with Blowpipe and Dr Chimera to finally cure him.