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Приморская Республика (Приморье)
Primoryan Republic (Primorye)
Flag of Primorye
Subdivision of: Russian Federation
 Capital: Khabarovsk (789,000)
 Other: Vladivostok (600,000), Blagoveshchensk (211,000)
 Official: Russian
 Others: Japanese
President: Georgi F. Pushkin
Prime minister: Konstantin B. Orlov
Area: 1,354,200 km²
Population: 4,823,000 inhabitants
Established: 1991, after the fall of the SNOR regime
Location of Primorye in the Russian Federation
Location of Primorye in the Russian Federation

Primorye became a republic within the Russian Empire in the 1960s. Primorye shares the territory known in Russia as East Primorye (Vostočnoye Primoriye), and in Japan as Outer Manchuria (Gaimanxù 外滿洲), with Ezo, a constituent of the Japanese Empire

The condominium area was part of Russia until 1905, when they lost the First Russo-Japanese war, and then it became part of the Japanese Empire. In 1942, during the Japanese Civil War, the northern part, Hoccaidò, broke away as the Republic of Ezo, becoming a SNORist satellite state, and Outer Manchuria became a Russian-Ezoan condominium.

After the fall of the SNOR, Ezo quickly reintegrated into Japan, and Primorye became a semi-independent republic and a constituent of the Russian Federation. Primorye also inherited the condominium area, which today is officially a Primoryan-Ezoan condominium.

The capital of Primorye is Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok is the administrative centre of the condominium area.

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